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Carl Girard

The reason I picked Certified was twofold: 1. Because they were going to do everything I wanted done and 2. because I felt they had the best overall warranty of every contractor I talked to and they were rated very highly on Angie’s List, Google and with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Tom Keehn, the owner, gave me the estimate and was very knowledgeable, flexible and informative throughout the entire process. His office staff and everyone else I interacted with, were very easy to work with. The crew was polite and respectful throughout the entire process and answered a number of questions I had regarding the installation with informative answers and no B.S. I spent an enormous amount of time educating myself about the entire installation process, in the course of getting estimates from 13 different contractors. Growing up, I installed a fair number of roofs working with my father, so I was somewhat familiar with the process, although I must admit it has changed quite a bit in the last 40+ years. Roofing installations are much more technologically advanced now. The crew worked very well together and did a great job of cleaning up throughout the entire process and at the end of each day. I mowed my yard a few days after they finished and I didn’t see any roofing waste anywhere. The crew notified me of some minor damage that was done in the process to a window screen and the aluminum covering my garage door – door frame and they repaired both before they left. I was not aware of these, so if they had been less than reputable they could have easily gotten away with not repairing them. There was also a crack in my bathroom ceiling which was repaired a few days later. The drywall repair guys did a great job as well. I had my entire roof replaced including all of the plywood. I kept a close eye on the entire process and everything was done as it should have been. They even went so far as to add flashing to my bay window because they felt the flashing there was insufficient, which was something I would have never known. In conclusion, it was very easy to work with Certified, all the work was done as it should have been to get the full warranties, no corners were cut and the entire crew did a great job of doing everything they were supposed to do. It was a job done very well!!! Thank you very much!

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