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Emily Luna

We have a very complicated roof for starters. We had a full roof replacement 2 years ago performed by Certified. The one area of the roof they did not work on at that time was our metal encased dome shaped dormer windows (3 of them). We were told at that time that the metal didn’t need to be touched/replaced because it was strong and in good shape. We listened. Fast forward a year and a half and we start seeing water damage coming from around one of the dormer windows. Turns out the solder in the metal had a small crack in it. So we decided to have Certified come out and cover all the metal domes with a waterproof membrane and asphalt. Hopefully this will prevent any more issues. We wish we would have had this done at the time of the full replacement. It would have been a lot easier for them and probably cheaper for us. Javier was professional and did the whole job himself over two days (not counting the rain delays). Time will tell if this solves our problem, but we are hopeful it will.

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