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Cedar Shakes & Shingles in DC, MD & VA

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If you’re looking for durable, attractive shingles to give your home or business’ roof a new look, cedar shakes and shingles are a great option. You shouldn’t trust just anyone with the job of installing them, though. When you partner with our team at Certified Incorporated, you can trust that we’re getting the job done efficiently and correctly.

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Cedar Shakes & Shingles

Benefits of Cedar Shakes & Shingles

Cedar shakes and shingles have been used for hundreds of years. They have proven their longevity in all types of climates. Cedar shakes and shingles contain oils that make them naturally rot- and insect-resistant. They offer a natural look with a lot of character. Because of variations like color, width, thickness, or cut of the wood, no two shake roofs will ever be the same. They make a beautiful addition to any home or business.

Cedar Shakes & Shingles Installation

Roof construction plays a major role in determining the lifespan of cedar roofs. Proper design is absolutely critical to ensure long-term roof integrity. Proper installation will help maximize the life of cedar products. Adequate ventilation ensures that heat and moisture do not build up in the attic area. Adequate ventilation also prevents water from accumulating at the bottom of the roof and then freezing (ice damming).

For an even longer lifespan, where the climate is a factor, pressure-treated (CCA) cedar shakes should be installed. Pressure-treated shakes should always be used in high humidity regions. In fact, the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau recommends using these products in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, area. The lifecycle cost of a shake roof may be high, but if installed properly, you will achieve the maximum intended life span and a great natural look.

If you’re looking to have cedar shakes and shingles installed on your home, you need a trusted team of professionals to get the job done right.

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Why Choose Certified Inc. for Cedar Shakes & Shingles in DC, MD & VA?

Certified Inc. is an approved installer and member of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau. This means that we adhere to the strict and proper practices set forth by the best authority in cedar product installation. With this credential, we are able to offer the absolute best cedar shake warranties in the roofing business. With us, you will have peace of mind knowing that your cedar shake roof was installed by one of the best cedar shake roofing contractors in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

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