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How Much Vienna Homeowners Can Expect To Pay For Cedar Roofing

The typical cost of a cedar roof installation in Vienna is about $10,000 to $20,000. Homeowners can expect to pay about $6 to $7 per square foot. Your cedar roofing replacement project’s total cost depends on the size of your roofing system, the type of cedar roofing you install, and the labor cost of your trusted Vienna roofing company.

Request a quote to receive a more accurate estimate for your roofing replacement project.

If you’re looking for professional cedar roofing services for your Vienna home, look no further than Certified Inc. Roofing.

Cedar Roofing Services In Vienna

Homeowners in the city of Vienna love cedar roofs. These gorgeous rooftops are capable of surviving the Vienna climate and can provide your home with excellent protection for more than 50 years. The material provides homes with incredible insulation, a beautiful natural aroma, and unmatched curb appeal, all for an affordable price.

Cedar Roofing Cost Breakdown


Inspecting your old cedar rooftop is vital if you’re considering a new cedar roof replacement. Because cedar is a natural material, it is prone to mold, termites, and the like. These types of pests and bacteria can spread to the rest of your roofing system and negatively impact your home. Our trusted roofing inspection experts will provide you with a thorough and detailed inspection report to help you make the best decision for your home.

Roofing Materials

Homeowners have a choice of two types of cedar roofing, cedar shakes and cedar shingles. Cedar shakes are perfect for homeowners who love a rough and textured aesthetic for their homes. Cedar shingles are better suited to homeowners who prefer a neat and tailored aesthetic for their properties.


A professional cedar roofing installation takes about 3 to 5 days to complete. It requires an experienced roofing team, like the one found at Certified Inc. Roofing, for it to be installed and completed accurately and efficiently. The cost of your cedar roofing installation is dependent on the size of your roofing system, labor costs of your preferred roofing team, and the duration of the installation.

Certified Inc. Roofing, Vienna’s Leading Cedar Roofing Specialists

Certified Inc. Roofing has been providing top-quality roof replacements in the Vienna area for years now, and we’re proud to say that our loyal customer base is proof of our excellent work. If you’re ready to improve your roof and home significantly, call Certified Inc. Roofing.


How Much Is It Going To Cost Me To Replace My Metal Roof In Vienna?

You can expect to pay between $10,000 and $40,000 for a metal roofing replacement in Vienna. On average, a metal rooftop in Vienna costs $10 to $16 per square foot. The total cost of your metal roofing replacement project depends on the size of your home, the type of metal roofing you install, and the labor costs of your roofing expert in Vienna.

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If you’re looking for exceptional metal roofing services for your Vienna home, call Certified Inc. Roofing today.

Metal Roofing In Vienna

The metal roofing system is an excellent long-term investment for your Vienna home. Metal roofs are incredibly durable and weather-resistant, making them great for stormy areas like Vienna. Besides protecting your home from the elements, metal rooftops add tremendous aesthetic benefits to your home, and their versatility makes them a favorite among Vienna homeowners. A metal roof will help improve your home’s insulation and increase its energy efficiency.

Metal Roofing Replacement Cost Breakdown


It’s vital to hire a roofing inspector before making any metal roofing replacement plans. This is because a roofing inspector will be able to determine the extent of your roofing damage and help you decide whether a roof replacement is necessary or not. Your roof inspector might help you save a couple of bucks by determining what’s salvageable and capable of lasting a few more years and what needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Roofing Materials

Metal roofs are fantastic because they come in such a large variety. You can choose between aluminum, steel, corrugated metal, copper, standing seam, and more. Each of these metal roofing options offers homeowners a range of fantastic benefits, and they’re all available at different price points, making them more accessible to different types of homeowners.


A professional metal roof installation requires a specialist and will thus cost more than the roof installation of any other material. Your installation costs will depend on the roofing company you choose and the duration of your installation. Installing a metal roofing system takes about two to three days to complete.

Certified Inc. Roofing, Vienna’s Leading Metal Roofing Specialists

Certified Inc. Roofing is ready to help you start your Vienna roof replacement project today! With over 30 years in the roofing industry, you can rest assured that your home’s rooftop is in the hands of Vienna’s best. Give us a call today for your free roof estimate.


How Long Will My Rooftop Last In Vienna?

At Certified Inc. Roofing, we believe in offering you the best solutions when it comes to your Vienna roof. Our expert workmanship and excellent service prove why we are Vienna’s trusted roofing contractor.

We know that installing a new roof can bite a large chunk into your savings. Because it is such a significant investment, you wouldn’t want to do this too often, and luckily you won’t have to because most roofs last up to 30-40 years with proper care. The better you take care of your rooftop, the longer they’ll last.

The lifespan of your roof is also dependent on things such as environmental conditions, exposure to the elements, and the quality of your roof’s installation. Living in Vienna means that your roof is regularly exposed to things such as storms, tornadoes, severe wind speeds, heavy rainfall, and more. These environmental conditions can significantly impact the lifespan of your rooftop and lead to its accelerated degradation.

Let’s take a look at how long your roof type typically lasts in Vienna:

trusted residential roofing services Vienna

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most common roofing materials in the Vienna area. It is a popular option because it is relatively cheap and easy to install. However, their lifespan can be anywhere between 10-30 years. However, if a tornado is heading your way, you can pretty much kiss your asphalt rooftop goodbye.

Wood Shake and Shingle Roofing

Wood shakes and shingle roofing is aesthetically pleasing roof materials. This roofing material can last between 25-30 years. However, your wood shake and shingle roof can last up to 50 years with meticulous maintenance. These wooden panels work great in moderate climates but are not a great option for areas with seasonal forest fires. These rooftops need to be regularly treated to prevent them from being negatively affected by insect infestations or fires.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is believed to be the most environmentally friendly roofing material available. The metal roofing is often made from 100% recycled materials. Not only is the roof eco-friendly, but it is also cost-effective as it has a lifespan of 30-50 years, and with proper maintenance, you can stretch this lifespan to nearly 70 years. Your metal roof is the perfect match for Vienna’s environment. It’s capable of withstanding even the most severe weather conditions, protecting you and your home.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing systems are known for being durable and highly weather-resistant. Commercial building owners prefer flat roofing systems due to their easy installation and maintenance. Flat rooftops have a lifespan of about 20 years, but their lifespan can be affected by things like environmental influences and foot traffic. You don’t need to worry about roofing pieces loosening or breaking off during a storm when it comes to your flat roof. However, should severe winds deposits heavy or sharp objects on your rooftop, you might have a problem.

Vienna Leading Roofing Specialists

We understand that your home is your sanctuary. You want it to be safe and sound for years to come. Certified Inc Roofing has provided quality rooftops for Vienna homeowners for the last 30 years; therefore, if you’re ready to install a quality rooftop for your home, give us a call today.


When Is The Best Time To Replace My Roof In Vienna?

Replacing the roof of your home takes some careful planning and decision-making. Many factors come into play when replacing the roof of your home. These include the availability of your preferred roofing materials, the availability of your trusted Vienna roofing company, and especially the best season in which to complete your roofing project.

Your roofing company needs to be able to work in cool and stable weather conditions to complete your roofing project accurately and efficiently. This allows them to work uninterrupted and capable of completing your roofing project on time.

The best season to complete a roofing project changes, depending on where you reside; in Vienna, Summer is the best time of year to see to all your roofing needs. We explain why below.

Virginia has a humid subtropical climate, which means it experiences hot and humid summer, and cold winters. The area receives moderate rainfall throughout the air and about 13 inches of snow annually. Temperatures in Vienna can reach highs of 87°F and lows of 26°F. Homeowners in Vienna are pretty regularly affected by winter storms, tornadoes, tropical storms, thunderstorms, and more.


The summer months bring with it warm weather and excellent conditions to complete all your roofing work. However, summer in Vienna also means tornado season. It’s therefore essential to keep your eye on any potential bad weather conditions that might be passing your way.


Vienna doesn’t receive too much snow and rainfall during the winter months, which means that completing some roofing projects may be possible during this time. Some materials, however, need warmer weather to set, so depending on your roofing materials, you’ll need to schedule your roofing projects accordingly.

Autumn and Spring

These seasons are relatively moderate in terms of severe weather conditions, making completing your roofing projects during this time possible.


If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy roofing company that will give your home’s the roof it needs and deserves, then give Certified Inc. Roofing a call today.

The Price You’ll Pay For Gutters In Vienna

The cost of replacing your home’s gutter system in Vienna ranges from $600 to $1600. This pricing is mainly dependent on the size of your home, the type of gutter materials that you install, and the installation costs of your trusted gutter installation company in Vienna.

Gutter Installation And Replacement Costs In Vienna

Gutters are an essential part of your home. They help to protect it against water damage. They prevent rainwater from deteriorating your roofing system, walls and foundation. Excess water in and around your rooftop leads to leaks, molds, and unpleasant smells in your home.

An effective gutter system transports excess water from your rooftop and into the nearest drain. Your gutter system consists of the gutters bordering your roofline and the downspouts and is measured per linear foot. The average home has between 120 to 250 linear feet of rain gutters.

Gutter Installation Breakdown


Inspecting the state of your gutter system is essential and needs to be completed before any work on your gutters can begin. Homeowners are required to hire a roofing or gutter inspector to come in and inspect their gutters so that your gutter installation company is aware of what the best course of action should be.

Gutter Materials

When considering which gutter material to use, there are several factors that you should take into account. Some materials will appeal to you more than others depending on the style of your home’s exterior, the conditions of your local climate as well as the size of your gutter replacement budget.


Installing a gutter system takes about one to four hours, depending on the size of your roofline as well as the complexity of your gutter materials.

In need of gutter repair or installation services in Vienna? We’re here to help! Contact Certified Inc. Roofing today to schedule your free consultation with one of our trusted gutter installation specialists.

Here’s How Much An Asphalt Rooftop Will Set You Back In Vienna

You can expect to pay between $7000 and $15,000 for an asphalt shingle roofing replacement in Vienna. On average, asphalt shingles in Vienna cost $525 per square. The total cost of your asphalt roofing replacement project depends on the size of your home, the type of asphalt shingles you install, and the labor costs of your reliable roofing company in Vienna.

Request a quote to receive a more accurate estimate for your roofing replacement project.

If you’re looking for exceptional asphalt shingle roofing services for your Vienna home, give Certified Inc. Roofing a call today.

The Cost Of Asphalt Shingle Roofing In Vienna

The lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is about 15 to 30 years, depending on the type and quality. They are more affordable than other roofing materials and have a shorter lifespan. How much they cost and how long they last are primarily dependent on the type of shingles you choose to install, the qualifications of your roofer, the thoroughness of your maintenance plan, and the conditions of your local environment.

Asphalt Roofing Cost Breakdown

Roof Inspection

If you’re considering replacing your Vienna home’s roofing system, it’s vital that you hire a roof inspector. A roof inspector will help you determine the state of your asphalt shingles, and they’ll also figure out which parts of your roofing system can still survive a couple more years and which parts need to be replaced immediately.

Types of Asphalt

When it comes to asphalt shingles, there are two main types – 3-Tab and Architectural. The 3-Tab shingle is the lightweight and more affordable variation of the two. At the same time, the Architectural shingle is a lot sturdier and more durable shingle roofing option. Heavier shingles fair better during severe weather conditions, which will help your roofing system last a lot longer.

There are also several asphalt shingle manufacturers in the US, including GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, Malarkey, etc. Each of these manufacturers has its unique shingle variations with different features and roofing benefits. These, of course, are also available at varying price points and can influence the cost of your asphalt roofing replacement project.


Installing an asphalt roofing system goes relatively quickly and usually without any significant issues. The material’s installation takes about 24 to 48 hours to install. The material is thus fantastic for emergencies.

Certified Inc. Roofing, Vienna’s Leading Roofing Specialists

At Certified Inc. Roofing, we take pride in our work. We believe in providing the community of Vienna with only the very best in roofing and customer services. If you’re ready to start your Vienna home’s roof replacement project, give Certified Inc. Roofing a call today!

What Are The Most Common Roof Types In Vienna

At Certified Inc. Roofing, we have earned the reputation of being the leading roofing company in Vienna. We are proud to provide the city of Vienna with professional and dedicated roofing services, and we have been doing so for the last 30 years. Over these years, we’ve come to understand which roofing systems and materials the Vienna community prefers and have aimed to deliver the perfect roofing system every time. If you’re thinking about installing or replacing your home’s roofing system, these are some of the common roof types found in Vienna.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are among the most popular roofing materials in Vienna and across the US, and for a good reason. They’re a highly affordable material, easy to install and repair, and provide homeowners with unmatched versatility and curb appeal.

The asphalt shingle roofing system is available in 3-Tab and Dimensional shingle variations and a wide array of different colors and hues, giving homeowners the freedom of choice regarding their aesthetic preferences.

Asphalt shingles are often one of the most requested residential roof types at Certified Inc. Roofing.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing systems are competing with asphalt for the top roofing spot in Vienna. This premium material leads the roofing race to high weather resistance, strength, and durability. A roofing material commonly installed in areas with severe weather conditions, the metal rooftop is capable of withstanding winds up to 140 mph, has incredible UV protective features, and is one of the few recyclable roofing materials.

The metal roofing system is available in a range of different materials, including copper, steel, aluminum, corrugated, standing seam, and tin. Thanks to their incredible malleability, these materials can be shaped into any design that you desire.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing systems are an excellent option for homeowners trying to create the perfect modern aesthetic for their homes. They’re easy to install and effortless to maintain. The roofing system offers you the great option of using the flat roof as a space to install skylights, solar panels, or air conditioning. You could also turn your flat roof into extra living space such as a small garden or lounging area. It’s easy to see why the popularity of flat roofing systems in Vienna has increased.

Cedar Roofing

Cedar roofing is made from western red cedar trees. These trees thrive in the natural environment, and when installed on your home, they offer you the same excellent protection. However, to get the best out of your cedar roofing system, they need to be regularly maintained, treated, and coated with fire and water-resistant coating.

Cedar roofing is available in two variations, shakes and shingles. Cedar shingles are neatly trimmed shingles that create a neat and tidy appearance for your home. Cedar shakes are a little more rugged in their appearance and add a more natural aesthetic to your home.

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is an incredibly attractive roofing material for homeowners. It has unmatched durability, comes in various colors and hues, and provides every home with an outstanding curb appeal.

Slate is one of the most robust roofing materials. It can survive in some of the most severe weather conditions and withstand water and moisture’s deteriorating and warping effects. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about your roof attracting any mold and fungal growth. Your roof is thus able to maintain its beautiful aesthetic. And due to it being a natural material, its appearance is timeless and suited to almost every architectural style.


Certified Inc. Roofing is the leading residential roofing expert in Vienna. This is thanks to our years of experience and commitment to quality and professional roofing services. If you’re interested in installing a new rooftop for your Vienna home, give us a call today.

The Most Popular Roof Colors In Vienna

Your roofing system impacts your home’s appearance and influences its market value. If the color of your roof isn’t matching the rest of your home or if it has faded over time, then this can influence your home’s curb appeal and how much money is offered should you put your home on the market again.

Today, homeowners are spoiled for choice when picking out a roofing color. Roofing material manufacturers offer hundreds of different colors and hues for your roofing system. You’re able to make your roof as neutral or as flamboyant as you’d like.

Roofing brands like Owens Corning have things like Roof Shingle Colors of The Year for developers and homeowners who want to embrace a trendy, in-fashion style for their homes.

The 2021 Roof Shingle Color of The Year is Aged Copper. Aged Copper is described as being “Just like feeling the calm, quietness of a walk in the woods, Aged Copper is a soft blend of colors that instantly remind you of nature’s expansive beauty. Earthly elements of deep orange, sage green, and brown granules mixed together to create a warm, welcoming look.”

Previous Roof Shingle Color of The Year include Black Sable, Pacific Wave, Sand Dune, etc.

If you’re thinking about installing new roofing materials and not quite sure which color to opt for, these are some of the most popular roofing colors in Vienna.

Beige Blends

Minimalist homes are all the rage right now, and the perfect roofing color for your minimalist and modern home is beige or a muted-toned rooftop. Roofing systems in these minimalist tones help create the right balance between style and practicality by being less distracting than traditional roofing colors while still protecting against the sun’s harmful rays.


Brown-colored roofs are a common sight in many cities, and for good reason. The earthy tones create an inviting aesthetic that is sure to please your guests with its natural beauty while fitting right into any landscape or natural surroundings.


Grey is a highly popular roofing color in Vienna, thanks to its neutral, inconspicuous appearance. A grey rooftop matches just about any architectural aesthetic, and roofing materials like metal, slate, and concrete have natural grey hues.


A blue rooftop is fantastic for homes with a white or grey exterior color. The color blue adds a cool and calm aesthetic to nearly every setting. Blue roofing is also popular with homes on the sea and lakeside.

Certified Inc. Roofing is the leading residential roofing expert in Vienna. This is thanks to our years of experience and commitment to quality and professional roofing services. If you’re interested in installing a new rooftop for your Vienna home, give us a call today.

Spring Cleaning Your Vienna Roof

Spring is a time of new beginnings. The sun shines a little brighter, the weather gets warmer, and the flowers start to bloom. As we come out of our winter hibernation into the warmth of spring, now is the perfect time to inspect how your roof survived the cold weather and give it a fresh spring cleaning. Spring cleaning your roof can breathe new life into it and leave it looking as good as new.


Roofing company in Vienna, Certified Inc. Roofing believes that taking care of your roof is a top priority for every homeowner. And these are just some of the ways that you can spruce up your roof for the springtime:


Clean Away Debris

The rain and the wind are sure to have dumped some dead leaves, pine needles and all sorts of other gunk onto your roof during the winter. Whether you choose to DIY or hire a professional roofing company, make sure that you remove all debris from your roof and gutter system as this can add tremendous weight to your roofing system, and you run the risk of clogging your gutters.


Remove All Algae And Mildew

Algae and mildew grow quite significantly during the wet and rainy seasons. It is vital that you remove these organisms as they can drastically deteriorate your roofing materials. Their ugly appearance can also affect the curb appeal of your home. Luckily these organisms are easy to remove so that your roof can return to its former glory.


New Gutters

If your gutters took quite a beating during the winter, it might be time to install a new gutter system. Often the intense winds and rainfall can cause gutters to bend, twist, sag or even break off altogether. Replacing your gutters can give your home an incredible facelift and improve your roof’s drainage system.


Fix All Issues

It is possible that you may have lost a shingle or too during the downpour, or perhaps you’ve noticed some cracks or curling in your roofing materials. Now would be the best time to repair any damages that your roof may have incurred over the winter season. By fixing all your roofing issues, your roof is sure to look as good as new.

If your roof needs more than just a spring cleaning, don’t hesitate to give Certified Inc. Roofing a call. Our professional Vienna roofers guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

How To Make Your Vienna Roof Last Longer

Repairing issues for your roof here and there can be affordable, but constantly having to fix it can dig quite a bit into your pockets. Replacing the roof of your home isn’t exactly the most affordable project. It is often something that one would have to save up for or hope that your insurance comes through to save the day. All in all, roofing work isn’t cheap. You want a roof that will last you a long time without having to invest significant sums of money just to keep it in working order.

We, at Certified Inc. Roofing, have been tending to the roofing of homeowners across the Vienna area for years. We know and understand how to keep your roof looking great for years without breaking the bank.


These are some of our expert roofing tips on how to make your roof last longer:



The best and easiest way to make your roof last longer is by inspecting your roof. There are two ways that you can do this, either by having a go at inspecting the roof yourself or by hiring a trusted roofing company to inspect your roof for you.

When inspecting your roof yourself, you’ll be able to notice major, visible damages to your roof. But might miss specific issues that are only visible to the trained eye. Trained roofing professionals know what to look for and know when something minor can become a significant problem. At Certified Inc. Roofing, we perform professional and efficient roofing inspections so that should there be any problems, we can get to work on fixing the problem immediately.


Repair Issues Quickly

If you or your roofing inspector notice that there is, in fact, some repair work that needs to be done to your roof, it is best to get to work on it immediately. What might look like a minor issue now can quite possibly turn into a significant roofing issue in the future, one that can compromise the integrity of your roofing structures or even your home.

Also, be sure to work with a professional team of roofers because asking someone with no roofing experience will most likely make the situation much worse.


Avoid Power Washing Shingles

Power washing your roof might sound like a quick and easy way to get rid of dirt and debris on your roof but what’s easy isn’t always the best option. Power washing your roof can remove the protective granules from your asphalt shingle roof. It can loosen shakes and shingles and remove the top coatings of many roofing materials.

To clean your roof, use something like a leaf blower and broom instead, or you can opt to manually remove the dirt and debris from your roof.

At Certified Inc. Roofing, we’ll take care of your roof as if it were our own. For professional roofing services and advice, give Vienna’s trusted roofing company a call today.

Signs Your Vienna Roof Is On The Verge Of Collapse

Like most things, your roofing is going to deteriorate over time. This deterioration process is usually sped up by overexposure to severe weather conditions and a lack of a thorough maintenance plan. Severely damaged roofing systems may eventually collapse. But a roof doesn’t simply collapse overnight; there are usually quite a few signs of the impending collapse.


Certified Inc. Roofing is here to give you some of the most important signs that you need to be on the lookout for:


A Sagging Roof

A sagging roof indicates that your roof and your home’s support structures are no longer doing their job of holding up the roof accurately and safely. This sagging may be caused by excess strain placed on your roof, such as heavy snow, too many layers of shingles on your roof as well as water damage.


Cracks In The Walls and Ceiling

Cracks in the walls are a serious indicator that your walls are under significant strain. If the problem is not tended to immediately, your roofing issues will affect your entire home, which can be a pretty expensive repair project. Cracks in the ceiling are usually the first sign that your roof is in trouble and that the inside of your home is going to be affected as well.


Warped Door and Window Frames

If you’ve noticed that walking through your door frame or opening up a window is proving to be more difficult than usual, the problem may just be your roof. A roof that’s on the verge of collapse will start to sag. This sagging will place a significant strain on your home’s supporting structures which will also cause your door frames to warp and your window frames to buckle.


Audible Warning Signs

Your roof will audibly let you know that it’s in a bit of trouble. You’ll hear significant creaks, cracks and wails for a few weeks before the roof collapses. Our advice? Investigate what those sounds are immediately; that way, you may have a chance of saving your roof before it collapses.

If your roof starts to sag or has collapsed completely, please don’t hesitate to call Certified Inc. Roofing. Our highly trained roofers will see to it that your roof is repaired or, if needs be, replaced as quickly as possible. Give the 5-star rated roofers in Vienna a call today!

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